रक्षा लेखा प्रधान नियंत्रक (सी. स.)


Principal Controller Defence Accounts (Border Roads)

रक्षा मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार

Ministry of Defence, Govt of India

What's New
  • To clarify doubts of Accounts Offices relating to audit matters.

  • To clarify matters/doubts relating to local audit in BRO.

  • To monitor the progress of local audit & pursue the settlement of local audit objections.

  • To persuade the Accounts Offices to raise the Financial Advice items and MFAI items.

  • Speedy rendition of audit reports on loss statements etc.

  • To monitor the rendition of replies to Test audit authorities.

  • To expedite the submission of replies/comments of draft Paras.

  • To monitor the progress of e-payments.

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