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Principal Controller Defence Accounts (Border Roads)

रक्षा मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार

Ministry of Defence, Govt of India

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S. No. Name of the CPIO/CAPIO Office Contact No.
1. Shri Abhiram Mandal, DCDA CDA (BR) Guwahati 0361-2641933
2. Dr. Dale Mahesh Bhagwat, DCDA AO (P) Dantak 00975022351583
3. Shri J.K. Das, DCDA AO (P) Sewak 0386-2225800
4. Shri S. K. Das, DCDA AO (P) Vartak 0371-2224634
5. Shri Arun Mazumdar, ACDA AO (P) Swastik 0359-2206698
6. Shri A K Phatak, SAO AO 19 BRTF 09755251995
7. Shri M. Hussain, SAO AO 47 BRTF 0371-2700514
8. Shri Chayan Das, SAO AO 756 BRTF 0360-2247310
9. Shri Chayan Das, SAO AO (P) Arunank 0360-2351328
10. Shri S. K. Ghosh, SAO AO 758 BRTF 0359-2202852
11. Shri U. K. Acharjee, SAO AO 764 BRTF 0355-2256321
12. Shri S. D. Sarkar, AO AO (P) Pushpak 03892-351908
13. Shri S. Das, AO AO (P) Setuk 0381-2416526
14. Shri A. K. Gupta, AO AO (P) Udayak 03759-242634
15. Shri H. P. Verma, AO AO 14 BRTF 03782-273512
16. Shri Puranjan Roy, AO AO 15 BRTF 0370-2270542
17. Shri P. S. Ramalu, AO AO 23 BRTF 03783222030
18. Shri S. D. Sarkar, AO AO 24 BRTF 0389-2370709
19. Shri S. Gangte, AO AO 25 BRTF 03852413327
20. Shri P. S. Ramalu, AO AO 44 BRTF 03783222394
21. Shri M. Shivakumar, AO AO 46 BRTF 031924229601
22. Shri A. K. Gupta, AO AO 48 BRTF 03804208332
23. Shri S. S. Lal, AO AO 752 BRTF 03803222090
24. Shri S.Das, AO AO 755 BRTF 03812416526
25. Shri D. S. S. Banarjee, AO AO 763 BRTF 03794277804
26. Shri R. P. Verma, AO AO EBW (GREF) 03712237165
27. Shri W. I. C. Singh, AAO AO 765 BRTF 03876221217
28. Shri Pradeep Ghosh, AAO UA LC DGBR, Kolkata 03324780714
29. Shri Sanjoy Kumar De, AAO AO 761 BRTF 03777222877
30. Smt. R. Bose, AAO AO (R & D) Shillong 03642538136
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