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Cash Assignment
The cash assignment cases are received as Per BE during the beginning of the financial year and as per RE at the close of the financial year. Budget Section notes down the allotments given by the HQ DGBR to the Projects and also the Task force wise distribution of funds made by the Projects. The following points are examined while releasing the cash assignment-:
  • That the Cash Assignment demand is based on the actual allotments available with the Project/Task Force.
  • The demands received on quarterly basis are examined and after performing prescribed deductions as per HQ DGBR office vide letter No. 22641/CA/GEN/2008-09/DGBR/10/E5B dated 01.08.2008 the balance allotment available for release of cash assignment is worked out.
  • The additional demand for cash assignment without budgetary provisions for payment of GPF, encashment of EL, pensionery benefit etc. is considered as per demand for cash assignment submitted by the Project/Task Force/Formation.
  • The demand for cash assignment in respect of Task Force/Formation should invariably be sanctioned (not Recommended) by the Chief Engineer Project as per Para 97 of OM Part XIII. On the same lines the demand for cash assignment in respect of the Chief Engineer (Project) should be sanctioned by the HQ DGBR.
  • Only actual allotments available with the Project/Task Force/Formation are taken into account while preparing the CA demand. Demand of CA prepared on the basis of Projected BE/RE cannot be acted upon. Demands on the basis Projected BE/RE result into avoidable delay.
  • Task Force wise distribution of allotment made by Projects should invariably be attached with the demand.
  • The details of outsourced works/execution contract/LA/FA payments should be attached with the demand as no deduction towards adjusted expenditure shall be made on this.
  • Cash assignment for payments to attached personnel at HQCE (Project) should be catered for by HQ CE (Project). However, in case of PNR Coy Personnel, expenditure is debitable to Task Forces and hence, a reduction will have to be reflected in the cash assignment demand of the Task Forces.
  • The amount of Deposit for Agency/Deposit Works shown in the demand should match the amount of deposit shown in the monthly report submitted by AO Task Force.
  • The demands for cash assignment w.r.t. actual allotment and other necessary requirements as elaborated above are vetted by the AO (Project)/Task Force/Formation.
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