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Focal Point Branch Scheme (FPB)

The Focal Point Branch Scheme introduced from 01-10-93 is a revised system of reporting, settlement and reconciliation of transactions of non-civil Ministries Viz, Defence, railways and Posts and Telecommunication. In the earlier procedure the scrolls were either not received at all from the Branches or sent to wrong accounting Circles and there was considerable delay in transmission of documents thus rendering the reconciliation work of Govt. accounting authorities difficult. The revised procedure is intended to make this reconciliation work faster and easier.

  1. Under the revised procedure each Defence Accounting Circle is accredited to one branch functioning as the Focal Point Branch which is located at the place where the office of the Defence Accounting Circle is established. In Meerut, Pune and Bombay, however, one FPB is handling the work of more than one CDA but there are distinct cells handling the work in such FPBs so as to avoid confusion or mixing up of documents.
  2. These FPBs will act as Focal Point Branches for SBI Branches as well as its Associated Banks where the latter do not have more than 10 branches operating the accounts of particular Defence Accounting Circle.
  3. The dealing branches will send their daily scrolls to the Focal Point Branches designated for each DAC duly allotting serial numbers financial year-wise bearing prefix Defence (R) for Receipts and Defence (E) for Expenditure. It will be ensured by the dealing branches that the scrolls are fully supported by the challans/cheques. In the case of loss in transit of any of these documents a certificate in lieu as prescribed (which will also be serially numbered will be furnished giving complete details as under:
    1. Amount, date of receipt, name of the party, on what account deposited, the head of account, the scroll number and date, in the case of MROs.
    2. Amount, to whom paid, the date, CDA on whose behalf paid, Cheque number and date, debit scroll number and date, in the case of cheques.
  4. The FPB will prepare a main scroll in respect of all such scrolls received by them from all the dealing branches each day as well as their own scrolls received and allot serial number financial year-wise. Before preparing the main scroll the FPB should rectify any mistake noticed during the scrutiny of scrolls of dealing branches. The FPB will ensure that no transaction is included in its main scroll unless it is supported by the cheque/MRO/Certificate in lieu and it pertains to the Defence Accounting circle concerned.
  5. A copy of the main scroll will be returned to FPB by DAC duly certifying correctness/pointing out discrepancies, within 24 hours. If any error is noticed after dispatch of main scroll/when error/discrepancies are pointed by the defence Accounting Circle while certifying on the main scroll an Error Scroll will be prepared by the FPB. If transactions relating to Civil Depts such as Railways, Posts and Telecom, Department of Supply are misclassified by FPB to Defence, the same will be withdrawn by them through error scroll.
  6. The FPB is responsible for reporting the amount included in the main scroll to the SBI GAD/ Link Cell at Nagpur.
  7. A date wise monthly statement will be prepared by FPB and sent to DAC by the third of the following month. A copy of DMS will be returned to FPB by the DAC duly certifying correctness/pointing out discrepancies within three days of receipt of DMS. A copy of the certified DMS will be sent to the CGDA by the DAC to reach them by to 8th of the following month.
  8. In the stations where and associate bank is also designated as FPB for reporting the transactions of the associate bands the above mentioned responsibilities of FPB will be carried out by them.
  9. SBE, GAD/ Lind cells RBI Branches will intimate the DAC by the fifth of the following month the monthly settlement account figure put through by them to RBI CAS Nagpur.
  10. RBI CAS Nagpur will continue to send monthly closing balance statement to the DACs by the twentieth of the following month.
  11. The RBI Branches will be acting as the dealing as well as Focal Point Branches and forward the main scrolls and DMS to the DAC on the prescribed date.
  12. The Focal Point Branch will be responsible for reconcillation of accounts
    1. Rendered by the dealing Branches and
    2. Also of accounts received and put through in consultation with the concerned Defence accounting Circle.
  13. The SBI GAD Bombay and the link cells will dispatch monthly settlement statements to the CGDA.
  14. RBI CAS Nagpur will also send the closing balance statement Defence Accounts Circle wise to the CGDA by the end of the end of the following month.
  15. Since the verified date-wise monthly statement (VDMS) is the mutually accepted document, it forms the basic document for reconcillation of Govt... Transactions handled by the Focal Point Branches. Hence the importance of preparation, verification and certification on the VDMS needs no overemphasis.
  16. The FPB scheme does not cover the pension payments mad through Public Sector Banks.
  17. Compilation to be made under Suspense Head under Defence Proforma Account on Introduction of FPB Scheme with effect from 1-10-93.

Since the Focal Point Branch Scheme is applicable only to Banking Transaction viz., Cheques & M.R.Os and NOT to inter government advices in to the following code Heads.

  • RBI SUSPENSE Unclassified (Code Head 0/020/83) w.e.f. 01-10-83.
  • Public Sector Bank Suspense (Code Head 0/020/76) w.e.f. 01-04-98.

However clearance of the transactions pertaining to the period prior to introduction of Focal Point i.e. 01-10-93 will continue to be booked with category code prefix 77 to code Head 0/020/83.

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