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Inspection Cell
  1. To chalk out the Annual Inspection & Super Review programme of Accounts Offices to be conducted by IDAS officers.
  2. To monitor the progress of submission and items settlement of inspection & super review items.
  3. To persuade the Accounts Offices to raise the IAR items & follow up action on outstanding items.
  4. To render the replies to Inspection Repots points of CGDA’s Inspection reports.
  5. To chalk out the programme of inspection of various sections of Main office & its follow up action.
  6. To propose amendments to OM PT XIII.
  7. To coordinate the work of framing of audit drill of various sections of MO.


  • HQ DGBR and its subordinate offices.
  • All sub offices under the jurisdiction of PCDA (BR).


  1. Inspection group prepares a tentative programme for Annual Inspection of all sections in main office/ sub offices by April each year for approval of the PCDA (BR). The programme is so prepared to ensure inspection of all the sections of main office during the year and of sub offices during the period stipulated by the PCDA (BR).
  2. To approve the tour programme submitted by IDAS officers directed to carry out the inspection/super review.
  3. Inspection/super Review reports carried out by IDAS officer are received in this section for the information of the PCDA (BR).
  4. Audit of sanctions issued by IFA(BR).
  5. Preparation of Weekly control chart.


  1. To carry out, on behalf of PCDA (BR), periodical inspection of various sections in Main Office and Sub Office under his jurisdiction.
  2. To issue inspection reports to the concerned section/sub offices duly approved by PCDA (BR).
  3. To take follow up action to watch the rectification of omissions/lapses pointed out in the Inspection Reports.
  4. To ensure that suitable remedial action is taken by the Sections/ Sub-Offices to avoid recurrence of similar lapses in future.
  5. To keep record of inspection of sections/Sub Offices carried out.
  6. To keep Inspection Manual up-to-date in conformity with revised orders/ procedures issued from time to time.
  7. To render a half yearly report by 31st October, and 30th April to CGDA indicating the details of inspection carried out upto the end of the half year ending September and March the more important points noticed and the remedial action taken.
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