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Works Cell

Main objective of this section is to exercise financial control through scrutiny of Monthly Expenditure Returns( MER) and Physical & Financial progress reports of all Major Works. The Works Cell functions in the same way as that of E Section of a Regional CDA in respect of MES Accounts Offices except scrutiny of Contract Agreements and payment of Final Bills to the Contractors. It deals with all matters relating to Administrative Approvals/Technical Sanctions/ SSR and issues instructions and guidelines to all field offices (i.e. AOs (P) and AOs (TF). This section also carries out Review of MERs and Physical and Financial Progress of all Major Works costing more than Rs. 50.00 lac. The points critically observed are being passed on to the CEs (P) /TFs with an intimation to AOs (P)/TFs for their implementation. Report on Annual census of MBs , Safe Custody of Standing Security Deposits pledged in favour of PCDA (BR) by the Contractors enlisted with the BRO (including acceptance and release) and also from the Project HQrs . Works Cell is also responsible for circulating all Govt. Letters/Orders to all Sub Offices relating to Works, for compliance after reviewing them. Further, amendments to SSR are also received and circulated to all concerned.

Roles and Duties

The works Cell deals with the following items of work :

  • Works Cell will deal with all matters relating to Adm. Approval/Technical Sanctions/SSR and issue guidelines to Sr/AOs/Accounts Office in the field. It will deal with all references received from the sub offices on work matters. It will also Deals with Royalty, Taxes, Supply orders, CVC guidelines on Works matters.
  • The work cell carries out critical approval of major projects with reference to time schedule and financial outlays. A physical and financial review of major projects preferably costing Rs. 50 lakh and above will be carried out on quarterly basis from the Projects/Task Forces and the financial progress from the Sr AO/AO Project/Task Force with reference to the construction accounts.
  • To monitor the progress of local audit & pursue the settlement of local audit objections.
  • Ratio analysis of physical progress with reference to PDC and that of expenditure in relation to allocation will be carried out. Result of analysis will be intimated to BRDB/DGBR/CE to enable them to take corrective measures where necessary.
  • It renders Transfer Entry Report and Monthly TBOs report to HQrs Office. It also monitor and ensure clearance of TBOs within same financial year.
  • Receipt and Scrutiny of Monthly Expenditure Reports from CEs(P)/TFs.
  • Proposals seeking advice/comments on new projects will be examined by the section.
  • Govt letters/orders on works will be received in this section. The same will be reviewed and circulated to sub offices for compliance. Amendment to SSR will be received in this section and circulated to all concerned.

Contact Persons

  • Shri K. Balasubramanian, Sr. Accounts Officer
  • Shri Subrata Das, Asst. Accounts Officer
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