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Training Calendar
Sl. No. Name of the Course Level of participation Duration Date Venue
1. Refresher Course for Clerks/Auditours and SAS Part-I passed Candidates Clerks to Auditors /SAS Appr. 10 days 13-05-13 to 24-05-13 PCDA(BR) Delhi CDA(BR) Ghy. JCDA(BR) Chd.
2. Budget, Budget Monitoring vis--vis expenditure.Fiscal Discipline in BRO,Liabilities& Type of Liabilities, Compensation under WCA, Land acquisition and legal charges bills. Adjustment of TBOs &DIDs,Adjustment of transaction through CP Vrs, PI Vrs& QSAs, Vetting of MER Clerks to Auditors 3 days 05-06-13 to 07-06-13 PCDA(BR) Delhi CDA(BR) Ghy. JCDA(BR) Chd.
3. Induction Course for newly recruited Clerks/Auditors Clerks to Auditors 06 days 15-07-13 to 20-07-13 PCDA(BR) Delhi CDA(BR) Ghy. JCDA(BR) Chd. PAO(GREF) Pune
4. Re-orientation course for newly posted officers and staff in the organization of PCDA(BR) Clerks to SAOs 03 days 21-08-13 to 23-08-13 PCDA(BR) Delhi CDA(BR) Ghy. JCDA(BR) Chd.
5. Workshop on Pay Fixation and MACP and also dealing with annomally cases. Course for SAS Prelim,SAS Part-I and SAS Part-II Examination Clerks to Auditors 05 days 09-09-13 to 13-09-13 PCDA(BR) Delhi CDA(BR) Ghy. JCDA(BR) Chd.
6. Pay accounting System (Only for the staff of PAO GREF) Clerks to AAOs 05 days 21-09-13 to 25-09-13 PAO (GREF) Pune
7. Course on Works-related issues (Annual works Programme, Scrutiny of AA and TS, Stores procurement in BRO.Scrutiny of contract & Supply Orders, Amendment & deviation in CA/SO Audit & Payment of Contract and Supplier bills,Escalation, Rendition of MES, Maintenance of Construction accounts. Clerks to SAOs 05 days 04-11-13 to 08-11-13 CDA(BR) Ghy. JCDA(BR) Chd.
8. IFA System in BRO & Post Contract Management Clerks to SAOs 03 days 18-12-13 to 20-12-13 CDA(BR) Ghy. JCDA(BR) Chd.
9. Workshop on Raj Bhasha. Guidelines concerning official dealings between Administration and Member of Parliament and State Legislature. Clerks to Auditors /SAS Appr. 03 days 08-01-14 to 10-01-14 PCDA(BR) Delhi CDA(BR) Ghy. JCDA(BR) Chd.
10. Local audit in BRO, MFAI, IAR, Draft Para & Financial Advice, Performance Audit , how to avoid recurring objection raised during the Inspection of HQrs Office. Clerks to SAOs 03 days 10-02-14 to 12-02-14 PCDA(BR) Delhi CDA(BR) Ghy. JCDA(BR) Chd.
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